Snowmobile Coverage

Don't let your snowy adventures get cut short because you didn't get the right coverage for your winter fun!

Inland Marine

Available Discounts:

  • Safety course – 10% for course completion
  • Renewal – 10% each successive year
  • Association membership – 5% for belonging tos an approved snowmobile association
  • Insuring multiple units – 15% if insuring two or more

Coverage Options:

  • Full coverage – You are covered for your liability, plus collision damage and comprehensive losses to your snowmobile. With full coverage you can add options to your policy.
  • Liability plus comprehensive – Comprehensive coverage includes protection for theft or damage to your unit resulting from causes such as fire or weather, but not collision.
  • Liability only – You are insured for just the liability requirements of your state. Physical damage coverage to the machine is not part of the policy.

Actual cash value settlement – In the event of a total loss or theft, most carriers will pay the actual cash value, which includes a deduction for depreciation. For a partial loss the repair cost is paid, minus depreciation for damaged parts. The policy deductible applies.

Optional Coverage:

  • Transport trailer – Add physical damage coverage for a trailer designed to transport your insured snowmobile. $250 deductible applies.
  • Medical payments – Coverage starts at $1,000 and can be increased up to $10,000.